Statement from NACSAA Chairman Fred Yoder on Launch of CSA 100

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA (SEPTEMBER 13, 2018) – Fred Yoder, chairman of the North America Climate Smart Agriculture Alliance (NACSAA), said the CSA 100 initiative announced at the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco today underscores the need to incorporate the views of farmers in developing climate smart agriculture policies.

“Farmers are at the heart of climate smart action.” Yoder said. “CSA efforts undertaken at the production level must be farmer-centered and provide a strong business case for farmer engagement. This must involve meaningful consultation and co-design of CSA solutions with farmers, with their full support in place.”

We Mean Business Coalition members Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) launched CSA 100, a new global initiative to mainstream climate smart agriculture across the food and agriculture sector and bring it into closer alignment with the ambitions set out in the Paris Agreement. CSA 100 calls on corporations around the world to accelerate and increase their climate efforts across three pillars:

  1. Sustainably increasing agricultural productivity and incomes;
  2. Adapting and building resilience to climate change; and
  3. Reducing and/or removing greenhouse gases emissions.

Founding CSA 100-member companies include Syngenta, Rabobank, Unilever, Barry Callebaut and a host of supporting organizations, including NACSAA.

Fred Yoder is an Ohio corn, soybean, and wheat producer; co-chair of Solutions from the Land, NACSAA’s supporting platform; and a past president of the National Corn Growers Association.

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