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Your endorsement is very important to the success of the North American Climate-Smart Agriculture Alliance. As a partner, you will join NACSAA’s platform for knowledge sharing and application of climate science to agriculture. The Alliance enables farm leaders and their value chain partners to collaborate in developing ways to improve the resiliency of production systems, adapt and mitigate present and future risks from changing climatic conditions. It also advocates solutions for agricultural landscapes, under variable weather and climate, to maintain sustainable productivity of food, feed, fiber and energy and ensure the integrity of our natural resource base. You can endorse NACSAA's platform by entering your information below. If you are endorsing as an individual, you will be included in future NACSAA communications and will have access to tools for engaging your friends, neighbors, co-workers and elected officials on behalf of NACSAA. Become a NACSAA Partner To improve resiliency, adapt and mitigate the current and future risks of changing climatic conditions, (I/we) support the North American Climate-Smart Agriculture Alliance's goals and objectives to: • Educate agricultural and forestry leaders on the potential impacts of climate change in ways relevant to their daily lives; • Equip producers with the tools and knowledge they need to make informed decisions and manage new risks under changing conditions; • Mobilize thought leaders to advocate for needed changes in land use practices, research, education and policy; and • Inspire agricultural and forest sector leaders to become leaders in the broader discussion of climate change, including adaptation and mitigation. Members of NACSAA commit to work with campaign partners and agricultural leaders to create a future for agriculture around "Adaptation and Resiliency," "Productivity," and "Greenhouse Gas Reduction" -- the three pillars of Climate Smart Agriculture.

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